Professor of Applied and Theoretical Mechanics
Chair of Fluid Dynamics
University of Brasília

Professor F.R. CUNHA, Ph.D
BSc., MSc. (UnB), Ph.D (DAMTP-Univ. of Cambridge - UK)
Post-Docs (Yale University - USA and Univ of California in SB-USA)
My ORCID: 0000-0003-2882-8195
Leader of the VORTEX - Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows Research Group/CNPq
Coordinator of Microhydrodynamics and Rheology Laboratory
Researcher Fellow of CNPq - Productivity Fellowship: PQ-1A
Editor-in-Chief of the J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci and Engn - Springer / ABCM - (JCR-2016/2017: 1.235)

Research: FRC heads the Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows Group and the Microhydrodynamics and Rheology LAB at University of Brasilia. His current research interests include: rheology of complex fluids; hydrodynamic of magnetic fluids, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, microhydrodynamics of active and passive particles in suspensions; and mechanics of mobile suspensions in general. His research is highly interdisciplinary.

Supervision: Most of the scientific publications informed below involve the results of thesis, dissertations, final year project and scientific initiation research developed with graduate and undergraduate students under our close supervision at University of Brasilia - ENM - VORTEX. We have highly valorized publishing with our students as expected by CAPES and CNPq in Brazil.

Current Semester UnB - 2/2017

Undergraduate: Fluid Mechanics

Graduate Course: Continuum Mechanics

University of Brasília - Dep. of Mechanical Engineering - FT
Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows - Research Group - VORTEX (NEW SITE)
Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows - Research Group - VORTEX (OLD SITE)
Campus Universitário - Asa Norte, Brasília-DF, BRAZIL, 70910-900
e-mails: or


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  • Y. Z. Sinzato, N.J. Dias & F.R. Cunha, An experimental investigation of the interfacial tension between liquid-liquid mixtures in the presence of surfactants, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science (JCR=2.830), Vol 85C, 370-378, 2017.

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