PhD Student


Marcos Fabricío de Souza  Aleixo Filho , PhD - 2024-current (Bolsa-s/bolsa)
Thesis Title: Microstructure and rheology  of  magnetic emulsions under action of  a magnetic field: theoretical and experimental studies for different viscosity ratios and drop volume fractions


Leonardo Afonso da Silva Inácio Inácio , PhD - 2024-current (Bolsa-s/bolsa)
Thesis Title: Statistical Mechanics of Active Suspension with Hydrodynamic and Dipolar Interactions of Particles in Sedimentation


Matheus Araujo Aguilar , PhD - 2022-current (Bolsa-CAPES)
Thesis Title: Boundary layer flow  under influence of non-Newtonian and  magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)  effects


Igor Dal Osto Pereira, PhD - 2020-current (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title:  Experimental investigation of structure and rheology of magneto-rheological suspensions in shearing flows. (Approved in Qualify Exam of the Ph.D program in Mechanical Science  - UnB in January/2023).


Yves-Garnard Irilan, PhD - 2017-2022 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: On  the motion of  Active Particles and Organisms in viscous fluids.


Pavel Zenon Sejas, PhD - 2016-2020 (Bolsa CAPES).  

Thesis Title: Hydrodynamic Instabilities in Flows of Magnetic Fluids  (approved in Qualify Exam of the Ph.D program in Applied Mathematics - UnB in june-2017), (joint supervision with Yuri D. Sobral - Department of Mathematics - UnB). 


Sara Malvar, PhD - 2015-2019 (Bolsa FAPESP) 
Thesis Title: Hydrodynamic of Living Fluids in Microflows  (joint supervision with Bruno Souza Carmo - USP).


Andrey B. Gumarães, PhD - 2016-2020
Thesis Title:  Langevin Dynamics Applied to the Study of Magneto hyperthermia in Magnetic suspensions
   (joint supervision with Rafael G. Gontijo - UnB).


Adriano Possebon Rosa, PhD - 2014-2018 (UnB-CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Microstructure and Magneto-Rheology of Ferrofluids Under Shear Flow: Theory and Simulation.  UnB Thesis Prize - Best Ph.D thesis in the Areas of Exact  Sciences, Technologies and Multidisciplinary (PhD exchange year 12 months - UnB/CNPq-CSF program and U. of California in Santa Barbara - USA). Currently: Professor Assistant,  University  of Brasília.


Álvaro Moreira Neto, PhD - 2014-2018 (FAPMT)
Thesis Title: Nonlinear Behavior of Elastic Suspensions Under Different Shear Flows: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation. Currently: Professor Assistant,  Federal University of Mato Grosso.


Camila de Oliveira Vieira, PhD - 2014-2018 (UnB-CAPES) 

Thesis Title:  Flow of Magnetic Fluids in Cavities. (joint supervision with Yuri D. Sobral- Department of Mathematics - UnB).


Braulio Gutierrez Pimenta, PhD - 2011-2016 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Waves in Gas Dynamics and Rotor-Stator Interaction Noise of Aeronautic Turbofan Engines (joint supervision with Roberto F.B. Miserda- ENM- UnB). Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Brasília.


Nuno Jorge Sousa Dias, PhD - 2011-2014 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Investigation of high viscosity emulsion flow in Linear Shear and Capillary Tubes. Currently: R & D in an Oil-Gas  Portuguese Company.


Rafael Gabler Gontijo, PhD - 2009-2013 (Bolsa CNPq) 
Thesis Title: Micromechanics and Microhydrodynamics of Magnetic Suspensions (ABCM/Embraer Prize - Best Ph.D thesis, Brazilian Society Mechanical Engineering, Brazil). Currently: Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Brasilia.


Taygoara Felamingo de Oliveira, PhD - 2003-2007 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Microhydrodynamics and Rheology of Emulsion Flows. Currently: Professor of Mech. Engineering,  University  of Brasília.

MSc Student


Leonardo da Silva Afonso  Inácio, MSc - 2023 - 2024 (Bolsa-CAPES)

Thesis Title: On the bulk viscosity and shear induced dispersion in Magnetohydrodynamic flows


Érick Marcelino Miranda, MSc - 2022 - current (Bolsa-CAPES)

Thesis Title:  Modelling and numerical simulation of two phase flow of immiscible  liquid-liquid in porous media with MHD effects.


Marcos Fabricío de Souza Aleixo Filho , MSc - 2021 - 2024 (Bolsa CAPES) 

Thesis Title: Rheological  of polar drop  emulsions subject to shear and magnetic field.


Victor Shumyatsky , MSc - 2020 - 2023 (Bolsa CNPq) 

Thesis Title:  Dynamic of non-linear concentration waves in fluidized beds: modelling, analysis and simulation.


Victor Hugo Suarez Solis, MSc - 2020 - 2022 ( Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: An Investigation of Microestructure and Rheology of NaCl Crystals Suspensions Undergoing Shear Flows and Magnetic Filed.


Yuri Zeniti Sinzato, MSc - 2019 - 2021 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Hydrodynamic Dispersion in Capillary Flow of Magnetic Fluids


Filipe Henrique de Sousa Evangelista, MSc - 2017-2019  (Bolsa CAPES) 

Thesis Title: Microstructure and Velocity Fluctuations in a Sedimenting Magnetic Suspension.


Igor Dal Osto Pereira, MSc - 2017-2019 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Rheology of ferrofluids  in  shear flows.


Gesse Arantes de Roure Neto, MSc - 2016-2018 (Bolsa CNPq)
Thesis Title: Macroscopic Quantities of Dilute Non-Brownian Magnetic Suspensions in a Shear Flow


Vanderlino Coelho Barreto Neto, MSc - 2016-2019 (UNB-CAPES)
Thesis Title: A Theoretical Investigation of Turbulent Flows on Rough Surfaces (joint supervision with Yuri D. Sobral- MAT- UnB) .


Sara Malvar Mauá, MSc - 2014-2015 (Bolsa CAPES) 
Thesis Title: Bubble Dynamics in Magnetic Fluids: Theory and Applications.


Adriano Possebon Rosa, MSc - 2012-2014 (Bolsa CNPq)
Thesis Title: Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Rheology and Microstructure of Magnetic Suspensions.


André Von Borries Lopes, MSc - 2009-2012 (bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Nonlinear waves in Gas Dynamics with Expansional Viscosity.


Daniel Lima Albernaz , MSc - 2008-2011  (Bolsa CNPq)
Thesis Title: Bubble dynamics in elastic and anisotropic liquids.


Hugo Leonnardo Gomides do Couto, MSc - 2006-2009 (Bolsa CNPq)
Thesis Title: Mechanics of Magnetic Suspensions.


Ricardo C. de Alvarenga, MSc - 2006-2009 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: A boundary integral method for simulating steady and unsteady potential flow around bodies.


Jonas Antônio Albuquerque de Carvalho, MSc - 2006-2008 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: On the flow of blood in microvessels.


Farith Salas Absi , MSc - 2004-2007 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Microstructure constitutive description of Elastic liquids under shear flows.


Rodrigo Avelino M. dos Santos , MSc - 2003-2005 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Dynamical behavior of bubble in complex fluids.


Gustavo Coelho Abade , MSc - 2003 - 2005 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Sedimentation mechanics of spherical particle interacting hydrodynamically.


Yuri Dumaresq Sobral , MSc - 2002-2004 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Magnetic and Hydrodynamic Stability of Fluidized beds.


Douglas Machado Ramos , MSc - 2002-2004 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Modeling and numerical simulations of the laminar flow of a magnetic fluid (joint supervision with J.L.A. Fontoura Rodrigues - UnB).


Marcelo Andreotti , MSc - 2002-2004 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: An Investigation of drag reduction in turbulent flow by polymer additives.


Taygoara Felamingo Oliveira, MSc - 2000-2002  (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Statistical treatment and large eddy simulations of turbulent flows (joint supervision with Roberto B. Miserda - UnB).


Otávio Luiz Silva Rosa, MSc - 1996-1998 (Bolsa CAPES)
Thesis Title: Fluctuations and dispersion in sedimentation with a vertical stratification.


Marcelo Henrique P. de Almeida, MSc - 1996-1998 (Bolsa CNPq)
Thesis Title: Numerical simulations of deformable particle in emulsions.